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PALEO BAREFOOT CHAINMAIL SHOES. $260. BUY. There have been several ideas for barefoot shoes out there and this last one, called the Paleo barefoots, might actually prove to be the strangest of them all. Their idea was to emphasize the difference between the barefoot shoes and minimalist shoes. 11/07/2014 · Paleo Ultra is a line of shoes by German footwear maker Gost-Barefoots designed to embrace the natural running trend. The shoes are built from a thin layer of stainless steel chainmail.

10/01/2013 · German company GoSt-Barefoots has developed PaleoBarefoots, a pair of minimalist chainmail shoes made for running in natural settings not pavement. They are constructed out of stainless steel mesh and are available to purchase online. 12/12/2017 · These chainmail socks let you run almost anywhere according to their makers. They're designed to simulate barefoot-running and they can protect the wearer's feet on rough surfaces. Unlike trainers, the Gost Barefoots make. The chainmail shoes Paleos allow you to enjoy hiking outdoors while seeming like you're barefoot without having to worry about slipping around on wet rocks or mud, as well as stepping on sharp and pointy objects that could cause a cut on the bottom of your foot. Check out the chainmail shoes in action via the video below. 01/02/2013 · Armor up with PaleoBarefoots Chainmail Shoes and go barefoot without letting your feet actually be bare. In the days of old, knights would wear chainmail to protect themselves from injury and you can use that same medieval wisdom to keep your feet. Lwhiker listings for Paleo Chainmail Shoes. Do you have a Paleo Chainmail Shoes item you're interested in selling or trading? List it here. Recent outside listings.

MINIMALIST RUNNING SANDALS lightweight and comfortable, ideal for running, walking.or anywhere you just can't go barefoot! © 2015 Paleo Shoes. All Rights Reserved. Website by Honey Agency. Scroll to top. 03/01/2013 · At times, the barefoot shoe movement has played out like an all-out unleashing of designers' unbridled creativity. We've seen foam feet, ruggedized socks, foot condoms, half shoes and every other type of foot-suit imaginable. Now we add one that goes beyond our wildest imaginings: chainmail foot sleeves. 15/07/2014 · I make my own chainmail jewelery and if the rings are small enough then the whole thing can feel quite nice, a lot like fabric. It is cool to the touch until you warm it up with your body heat and it is a nice thing to have. However, wearing shoes made out of the stuff would not be fun for any distance.

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